My name is Megan Dawson. I am a singer/ songwriter from Calgary, AB. 

Fun Facts about ME! 

  • You will often find me with a cup of tea; and if you don’t, I am probably thinking about how much I want a cup of tea. 

  • I am a huge dog lover; even the smallest amount of time with a dog can brighten my day on a dime!

  • I always refuse to accept that winter is, in fact, cold; and continue to wear my Converse year round. 

  • Before a show I crank up Shania Twain tunes and jam out to get rid of any jitters.

  • Post-show you’ll find me snacking on popcorn and sipping on, you guessed it, tea.

Ever since I was little, country music has been playing in my house. This quickly cultivated my dream to become a country singer, songwriter and performer. I bought my first guitar, learned my first four chords and this was the beginning of my songwriting journey. 

I have been performing my original music throughout Calgary and the Foothills at coffee houses, cafes, pubs, open-mic’s as well as local contests, including as a semi-finalist in Country 105’s Rising Star (2017, 2018) competition and in The Stampede Talent Search (2017). 

More recently, I have recorded two of my original songs at OCL Studios to be released in the fall of 2018.

Music has always been my safe place; one where I feel that I can express myself and challenge myself. The relationship I have developed with my music continuously motivates me to keep growing as an artist.

I strive to write songs that the listener can find themselves within, and identify with the lyrics and melody. Every person has experienced joy and hardship, and when we hear a particular song that seems to parallel what we’re going through, it’s that connection that makes music so powerful.